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A Bladeless Aircon Fan

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

This morning, I was struck by a new idea -- integrating aCoolx® Technology into the popular Bladeless fan.

By incorporating the two ideas, we will have the first Bladeless Aircon fan. This bladeless fan will be able to circulate cool air constantly at 24 degree Celcius. Similar to our main product, the aCoolx® mini air-conditioner, there is no need to add water or ice. It will be easy to use as you will just need to provide a power source to the product.

Sometimes, we just need some respite and have some cool air circulating in our immediate vicinity and there is no need to cool the whole room. This will help on saving electricity bills as well.

I think experimenting aCoolx® Technology with the bladeless fan concept is extremely viable and I believe that there's a suitable demographic that would be interested in purchasing such an item.

If you would be interested to include this to your product line, contact us.

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