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Localised Cooling in An Apartment

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

In many apartments in Singapore, the living room and the dining room are configured to be together to increase the spaciousness of the apartment.

A high capacity air-conditioners (about 18000 BTU) will be required to cool down the entire room. The alternative is to install 2 units of air-conditioners that is of lower capacity (about 10000 BTU). In this case, both air-conditioners need to be powered up simultaneously for optimal performance in cooling down the entire apartment.

Most middle-income class residents in Singapore would install air-conditioner units in the bedrooms, living room, and dining area. However, many have decreased or stopped their air-con usage after experiencing the high electricity bill, especially during this pandemic period where many are working from home.

An alternative is to use a fan, with complaints that the breeze does not give much respite as it is of the same temperature. The next alternative is a swamp fan ( evaporative cooler ). Many of our friends who have used swamp fans have claimed that it was too troublesome to add water periodically when the fridge is not making enough ice for the cooler. As the cooling effect could not justify their efforts to fill up the water into the fan, they ended up using the swamp fan as a fan.

We have a solution to these problems. BluePenguin AirconFan is designed to solve the localised cooling requirements in a household. For example, around the dining table, around the study table, around the sofa area.

BluePenguin AirconFan is designed to blow chilled breeze within a 1-1.5 meter distance. Excellent spots for the BluePenguin AirconFan to be installed are:

1. Beside the main living room sofa

2. Around the dining table

3. On the work desk or study desk

4. Beside a bed

Now, you can leave your windows open to let the air flow through the house, and enjoy the cool breeze at designated location.

Dear friends, thank you for indicating your interest for our BluePenguin product. We are doing our best to deliver BluePenguin as soon as possible.

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