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The Ultimate Personal AC ?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Sony has just launched a Personal AC, known as Reon Pocket. They are crowdfunding to gain enough capital to deliver the product around the middle of next year. If you think aCoolx® Technology is unbelievable, then Reon Pocket is something that will transcend your imagination. Sony is a respectable innovative company after all.

With aCoolx®, we patented an energy exchange method that improves the efficiency of the air-conditioner with a non-vapour compression technique. At the same time, it neutralises the heat generated by recycling the excess condensation.

I believe that Sony relies on the Peltier effect to do their magic. The Peltier effect relies on a chip. When power is applied to the chip, the temperature on each side can be manipulated. Newton's Law of equal and opposite reaction applies here. When one side of the device is blowing cold air, the other side would be blowing hot air out. Hence, when one side of the device lowers the temperature by 1 degree, the other side increases the temperature by 1 degree.

My question to Reon Pocket - When one side of the device is cooled down, how will the heat be dissipated from the other side? If one is wearing a blazer, will heat be trapped under the blazer? In the video, the model was merely carrying the blazer and not wearing it, which I believe does not demonstrate the full capabilities of the product.

I would love to have a gadget like this if it can keep me cool underneath a blazer with a 10 hours battery life and not only 2.

Nevertheless, I love the idea of having a portable air-conditioner!

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