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Saving with BluePenguin AirconFan

Scenario 1

If a fan is used instead of an aircon in the bedroom, you can save around $400 annually. In some third world countries, that is the cost of their aircon. On the other hand, if an AirconFan is used instead of an aircon in the bedroom, you can save up to $300 annually.

My Indonesian friend installed an aircon for his mother living in a village. According to him, his mother only used the aircon for a month. Although he could afford to pay for the installation of the aircon, his mother was not willing to pay for the usage of the aircon.

For detail comparisons between AirconFan, Fan and Aircon click here.

Scenario 2

Some people have a practice of turning on the aircon for a period of 2 hours to cool down the room and thereafter turn on the fan to circulate the cold air. This would save about $340 a year. However, the room would inevitably warm up.

An alternative would be to use AirconFan and save $250 annually. The difference is that unlike the fan that only circulates air, BluePenguin AirconFan actually chills the breeze 7°C lower. And BluePenguin will keep the room temperature for a longer period of time.


1. 8 hours of daily use

2. A single-split split 2.6kW Aircon

3. A 50W standing fan

4. A 150W BluePenguin AirconFan

Notes :

  1. Saving varies country to country depending on the utility rate. In Singapore, the electricity rate is about 20.97cents/kWh as of 14 September 2020.

  2. The dollar saving is for illustration purposes.

  3. Singapore Government tips to saving energy at home:

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