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Massage Chair with an inbuilt Air-conditioner

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

My friend bought a massage chair as a birthday present for his 70-year-old father. However, his father told him an air-conditioner would be a better gift as the weather was hot. Despite his father's request, his experience with his father told him that his father probably would not switch on the air-conditioner after experiencing a hike of the electricity bills.

We have a problem here: the father would not pay to use the air-conditioner but it would be nice to fulfil his father's request.

What about a massage chair with an inbuilt air-conditioner to cool you down when you take a breather from work or school on the massage chair?

If any of the premium massage chair manufacturers would like to explore this idea, contact us.

The massage chair below is arbitrarily cropped out of the internet.

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