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Do you see what I see ?

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

aCoolx BluePenguin IcePuffer Prototype G2.

Our latest, we are going for a second round of beautifying the casing to add in the cool stuff.............

We have a little challenge to categorise this product.

It is not the following :

1) Evaporative cooler fan, those that need to add ice water.

2) Aircon

3) Desktop fan

It is a technically a desktop device that generate a 7°C cooler breeze. If your room is 30°C, it will generate 23°C breeze. Please help me here to name a category.......

Perfect for the following situation:

1) After office hour, when the central aircon is switched off and you need to do overtime. Switch IcePuffer on, and it will keep you cool

2) In many office, there are many corners where the aircon do not effectively cover. Put one IcePuffer to cool that corner down

3) During Summer in the Hostel without aircon. It uses only 80W of power. The warden would not even notice you have IcePuffer

4) Work from home or study at home, when your aircon utility bill is shooting through the roof. Turn off the aircon, open the window, switch on the IcePuffer

The weather is getting hot in Singapore ......

What would you like to see ? Please comment

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