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BluePenguin - New Generation AirconFan

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

In my earlier post, I wrote about a Bladeless AirconFan. This post garnered many questions about the applications of the BluePenguin AirconFan. Below is a summary of the questions and answers.

Q1. Does Dyson have similar products ?

We have no idea but a quick check at their website shows that they have a product named “Pure Cool”, but that is just a fan.

Q2. Is it an Aircon or a Fan ?

It functions as a fan. However, the breeze it generates would be lower than the room temperature.

Q3. How low can the temperature go?

We tested the prototype in an environment of 31 °C / 88 °C, and the BluePenguin AirconFan could generate breeze as low as 24 °C / 75 °C.

Q4. Is hot air ventilation hose required to install the BluePenguin AirconFan?

It is a fan. It does not require a hot air ventilation hose.

Q5. Is water or ice added to generate the cool breeze ?

This is not an evaporator fan, or a swamp fan. No water or ice is required to generate the cool breeze.

Q6. What is the power consumption of the BluePenguin AirconFan ?

We estimate the power consumption to be around 150 W.

Q7. When is the product going to be available?

We hope to complete the Beta version of the products by early October 2020.

Q8. Can I see and feel the product ?

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