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BluePenguin AirconFan Market

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

How can the BluePenguin be used in our everyday lives?

The challenge of a fan is that it merely circulates the air. When room temperature is around 28°C, the fan breeze is comfortable. Beyond that, the fan does little to cool you down.

Currently, the users who face this challenge may consider upgrading to a swamp cooler or an evaporative cooler. As the name suggests, the cooling effect is generated by evaporating water. The swamp cooler works fine in a low humidity environment. However, in places where humidity is high, the effectiveness of a swamp cooler is diminished greatly. In addition, a swamp cooler needs to be constantly refilled with water everyday to ensure its effectiveness.

The next alternative is a portable aircon. The challenge of using a portable aircon is that it has a hot air exhaust hose. Windows need to be modified so as to be able to plug the exhaust hose to expel the hot air generated by the aircon. On top of that, the noise generated by a portable aircon is as loud as any small aircon compressor and it consumes lots of power, operating at around 1000W.

BluePenguin AirconFan is the perfect solution for

- people who want more than simple room air circulation

- people who want to cool themselves down without feeling sticky

- people who want to open the windows to have fresh air while at the same time enjoying the benefits of having a chilled aircon environment

- people who want low electricity bills with cooler air.

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